1982 born
lives and works in Munich and New York

Solo Exhibitions

STAY COOL, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich

SCHMIDTI CITY, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich

Group Exhibitions

Inside Out – Narration und (Selbst-)reflexion in der Kunst, Städtische Galerie, Waldkraiburg

Youth Hostel, Mary Two, Luzern
Jahresgaben, Kunstverein, Munich
Jahresgaben, Empfangshalle, Munich
East Village Zine Fair, 8 Ball and Printed Matter St. Marks (with First Street Garden), New York
Rat Release (Performance with Paulina Nolte), First Street Garden, New York
Identity not proven, New Aquisitions Contemporary Art Collection, Federal Republic of Germany, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn

Kuli, Mauer, Cologne
Performing Pictures Workshop, with Amy Beecher and Colleen Asper, Pari Passu, Queens, New York
P.A.D. In with the Old, Walter Elwood Museum, Amsterdam, New York
2 Gather, Studio E, Seattle
Munich Monopoly, P.A.D. Gallery for Various Others, Munich at Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich
Superposition 2, P145, Berlin
In case of boredom, recite the ABC more often, Krobath Gallery, Vienna
Social Photography VIII, Carriage Trade, New York, NY
Flesh and Time and Bread and Friends, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich
Bootleg Sale, Canal Street Research Association, New York, NY

Save the last dance, 205 Hudson Gallery, New York
a skeleton, just like the rest of us, curated by Franziska Linhardt, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich
Für Maria VMier, Review with Song for Maria Vmier, Zungen, Artothek Munich
WENN DIE KASTANIEN BLÜHEN, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich

SYLA – Support Your Local Artist # 1, Lothringer_Florida, Munich
BLACK RADIATION, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich
Kollegin?, Artist`s Commentary/Folding Map for Forever Young, Museum Brandhorst, Munich
Live in your world/play in ours, curated by Kyoko Hamaguchi, Compére Collective, Brooklyn, NY
ATM (At the [present] Moment] Ban King, PAD Gallery, New York, NY (as Kitti & Joy)
Hi Spirits, GALLERY as part of NEA at Spring Break, New York, NY
Nico – Wie kann die Luft so schwer sein an einem Tag an dem der Himmel so blau ist,
Institut für Moderne Kunst, Nuremberg (as Kitti & Joy)

Debütantinnen, Galerie der Künstler, BBK Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Everyone Come Pop-Up Show, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY
Electrolytes are lost when we sweat, Bushwick Sculpture Garden, Brooklyn, NY
Aufbruch, Master Scholars of Gregor Hildebrandt, Wurlitzer Collection, Berlin
Portal – A Visual Research, Lothringer13_Florida, Munich (as Frühstücksradio)

Neumayer III, Antarktica (with Judith Neunhäuserer)
Fortune Favors Fortune feat. MarinA, Edel Extra, Nuremberg (as Kitti & Joy)
Another world is possible, Zumikon, Nuremberg
Tacker, Galerie der Künstler, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Sea, Sex and Sun, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich
Reagens, Lothringer13, Munich
Fors Fortuna, Performance, upstream!east, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
upstream!east, easy!upstream, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Encounter Counter, Performance, Karl-Marx-Ring 7, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Hello Babies, Kantine, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Reflektor M Dinner, Kiosk, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)

Dance Dance Revolution, Hall of Mental Cultivation, Munich, DE, curated by Yves-Michele Sass (as Kitti &
Bierdeckel, public space edition, Munich (as XPatch Collective)
Zimmer frei, Hotel Mariandl, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
machinery, easy!upstream, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Karl & Faber Award 2016, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Tender is the night, Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich
Kitti & Joy invite friends, Performative Intervention, Köşk, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Otherland Support of Single, D 2015 (Bonny/Wissel), NAK, Aachen (as Kitti & Joy)

Recommended by, easy!upstream, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Roy hat sich danach ja leider nie wieder erholt, Raum 49, Munich
Forevermore, Performative Intervention, Kunstverein, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Train&Gain with Kitti & Joy, AkademieGalerie, Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Kamp Kaya, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz (as Kitti & Joy)
You´re Welcome, Performance, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg (as XPatch Collective)
Stadt der Frauen – ein Kongress, Opernfestspiele Munich (as Kitti & Joy)
Gang durch die Institution, Flutgraben, Berlin (as Xpatch Collective)
Kerstin Brätsch with Mount Trailer. Kunstverein Arnsberg (as Kitti & Joy)
Black Box, Performance, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg (as XPatch Collective)
Why publish?, May Day Rooms, London (as XPatch Collective)

Self-Publish and Disseminate, Kunstverein, Munich (as XPatch Collective)
Marschinen, Performance (w/ Johanna Klingler and Francois Huber), 48h Neukölln, Berlin
Kompromissqualität Deutschland, Aa collections, Vienna